Meet Curly-Q

Welcome to Curly-Q, he’s our resident rooster. He is a Frizzle, which means he can be proud of his curly feathers – and he is! He also not only crows like a rooster, but likes to announce everything he is doing, so everyone knows. Don’t worry about him being an unfriendly rooster (because they can be) he likes to cuddle, and talk about it as he’s cuddling.

Green Eggs

Green Eggs
Have you ever seen green eggs? Our hens lay many different colored eggs, including green. Check them out and take some home.

With only a little bit of school left, time is running out to get your fresh eggs before summer is upon us! Our ladies have been busy, so come in and grab your fresh Westgate eggs, they’re only $5 a dozen.

Meet Small Cheesy, Snezzy and Sneezy

These girls are all Americaunas. Americaunas are known for their quirks, including puffy feathered cheeks, and their habit of laying ‘easter eggs’. Their eggs can be pink, blue, or green. Our Americaunas all lay green eggs.

If there is an Americauna standing next to you waiting to be picked up, they would be Small Cheesy. Small Cheesy loves attention and affection, and will just stand there while you take care of food and water.

Snezzy and Sneezy are not social like Small Cheesy. You can tell them apart but looking at their colors. Sneezy is the most fashionable of our Americaunas, her coloring is very Autumn, sporting a lighter, and more overall shade of burnt umber than the others. Below, the left photo is Snezzy while the right is Sneezy. Don’t worry if you get then mixed up, they don’t mind.

Meet Fancy Pants

Meet Fancy Pants. When she came to us, she and Trish were twins, but now she is pretty. Living with our hens had been very good for her. When she runs, it looks like she is wearing her fancy pants, and so we named her.

Fancy pants is shy but curious. Like Trish she likes to be in the middle of everything, which is difficult since she’s shy. Because of this, she is an excellent runner.

Meet Trish

Trish is very curious and likes to be in the midst of the action. Trish also likes to be picked up and often I have carried her around while feeding the hens. A couple of years ago she tangled with a raccoon and survived. When you notice that her comb isn’t as pretty as others, it’s because of her tussle with the raccoon.